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Shortlisted for the CWA Debut Dagger Award

Detective Inspector Meg Dalton has recently returned to her Peak District roots to pick up the pieces after a breakdown, when a man's body is discovered in a cave.


The man's initials and a figure of the Grim Reaper are carved into the cave wall behind his corpse, but bizarrely, the carvings have existed for over one hundred years.


The locals talk about a mysterious family curse that started in the times of the witch trials, and Meg finds it increasingly hard to know who to trust. Even her own mother may be implicated.


Meg finds her own life at risk as she fights to stop the murderer from killing again. 

The Times said the book was 'a terrific debut' which 'teems with shivery atmosphere' and made it their crime book of the month for April 2018. 

It was also one of the Sunday Times' 'Pick of the Paperbacks'.



Could a heart transplant turn a child into a killer? 

DI Meg Dalton is thrown headlong into her latest case when she finds a ten-year-old girl running barefoot through the woods in a blood-soaked nightdress. In the house nearby, the girl's father has been brutally stabbed to death.

At first Meg suspects a robbery gone tragically wrong, but something doesn’t add up. Why does the girl have no memory of what happened to her? And why has her behaviour changed so dramatically since her recent heart transplant?

The case takes a chilling turn when evidence points to the girl’s involvement in her own father’s murder. As unsettling family secrets emerge, Meg is forced to question her deepest beliefs to discover the shocking truth, before the killer strikes again…

Caz Frear, winner of the Richard and Judy Search for a Bestseller said, 'With Dead Man’s Daughter, Roz Watkins raises the crime fiction bar yet again. Superbly plotted, sinister and genuinely thought-provoking, DI Meg Dalton’s second adventure centres around a truly macabre premise, made frighteningly realistic by a cast of well-rounded, believable characters and an incredibly strong sense of place - Derbyshire has never felt so cold!"



How could a young woman disappear without a trace?

When beautiful young social-media star Violet Armstrong goes missing in the middle of a scorching Peak District summer, the case sparks a media frenzy.

The clock is ticking for DI Meg Dalton and her team to find Violet before online threats explode into real-life violence. And then the blood and hair of a young woman are found in an empty pig trough at the local abattoir…

But what is Violet’s connection to the chilling local myth of the Pale Child – a ghostly girl dressed in Victorian clothing, glimpsed through the trees? If the Pale Child sees your face, the villagers say, you're going to die.

The more Meg finds out about this unnerving case, the more she becomes convinced that something very, very bad has happened to Violet. With temperatures rising and the press baying for blood, the case is about to take a terrifying turn…




The Flowers were the perfect family. Until the day fifteen-year-old Joseph shot dead his parents and baby brother whilst his younger sister Eve hid. The family home became known as ‘The Red House’, the place where the walls were covered in blood.

No one knows why Joseph murdered his family: the following day he crashed his car and has been in a coma for two decades. Eve’s always known he did it; she saw the crime, after all.

But how reliable a witness is a five-year-old? Now an adult, Eve is forced to re-examine her memories when disturbing new evidence about the case comes to light. Because if Joseph didn’t do it, then the killer’s still out there – and they’re coming back for the girl who escaped…

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